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Ms Namita Brahma

Assistant Professor , Guwahati campus

Centre for Ecology, Environment and Sustainable Development , School of Social Sciences and Humanities

M.Sc (Zoology, Specialisation – Animal Ecology and Wildlife Biology), Gauhati University,

Ph.D. (Department of Zoology), Gauhati University

Dr. (Mrs) Namita Brahma is presently an Assistant Professor at the Centre for Ecology, Environment and Sustainable Development in TISS Guwahati Campus. She has done her research work on Critically Endangered grassland bird Bengal florican. She has also worked for Conservation of biodiversity and Community based conservation in Manas landscape. She received Future Conservationist Award of Conservation Leadership Programme in 2008 for carrying her research and conservation work on Bengal florican. She has been instrumental in capacity building and enhancing women participation in conservation based rural livelihoods in and around Manas National Park and World Heritage Site. Ms Brahma has worked in diverse projects ranging from ecological research, conservation education to mobilizing, motivating, capacity building on alternative livelihoods for communities living around forest fringes.

Habitat ecology, Studying ecology of Avifauna and its habitat in the changing landscape, Understanding  biodiversity and its challenges in Urban ecosystems. Understanding issues related to human and wildlife  conflicts, management and mitigation measures, Studying different dimensions of conservation mainly  different communities presumption and percetion on conservation, Challenges related to livelihood  alternatives for communities mainly living in the forest fringes, Traditional Ecological Knowledge and  Ecosystem services

1. Brahma, Namita “A systematic expert-based assessment of progress and priorities for conservation of the Bengal Florican Houbaropsis bengalensis” Simon P. Mahood, Rohit R. S. Jha, Asad R. Rahmani, Jyotendra J. Thakuri, Hong Chamnan, Rajat Bhargava, Bibhuti P. Lahkar, Sujit S. Narwade, Naveen Pandey, Kedar Gore, Devesh Gadhvi, Son Virak and Stephen T. Garnett (2019) ; Journal of Conservation Science and Practices  1:e121    https://doi.org/10.1111/csp2.121.


2. Brahma, Namita “In search of Aliens: Factors influencing the distribution of Chromolaena odorataL. and Mikania micranthaKunth in the Terai grasslands of Manas National Park, India” Anukul Nath, Alolika Sinha, Bibhuti P. Lahkar (2019) Ecological Engineering, 131(16-26) 0925-8574. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0925857419300631?dgcid=author


3. Brahma, Namita “Averting the extinction of bustards in Asia”  N. J. Collar, H. S. Baral, N. Batbayar, G. S. Bhardwaj, N. Brahma, R. J. Burnside, A. U. Choudhury, O. Combreau, P. M. Dolman, P. F. Donald, S. dutta, D. Gadhavi, K. Gore, O. A. Goroshko, Hong C., G. A. Jathar, R. R. S. Jha, Y. V. Jhala, M. A. Koshkin, B. P. Lahkar, G. Liu, S. P. Mahood, M. B. Morales, S. S. Narwade, T. Natsagdorj, A. A. Nefedov, J. P. Silva, J. J. Thakuri, M. Wang, Y. Zhang & A. E. Kessler (2017) Forktail – Journal of Asian Ornithology, 33 (1-26) 0950-1746.

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Ecological concepts, Ecological Research Methods, Wildlife population and habitat monitoring, Biodiversity Conservation, Human and wildlife interaction issues – mitigation measures, Conservation Based Rural Livelihoods, Understanding issues related to livelihood and conservation among different communities in forest fringes, Natural Resource Management, Traditional Ecological Knowledge.

Email: namita.brahma[at]tiss[dot]edu

 Personal email id - namitabrahma@gmail.com

  Office email id - namita.brahma@tiss.edu

  Mobile number - 8473940546