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Dr Namrata Sharma

Assistant Professor , Guwahati campus

Centre for Undergraduate Studies

BA in Psychology (Lady Shri Ram College for Women,Delhi University),

MA in Psychology (Delhi University),

Ph. D. in Psychology (Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati)



Dr. Namrata Sharma is an Assistant Professor in the Centre for Undergraduate Studies at Tata Institute of Social Sciences Guwahati. Previously, she had worked in the Department of Humanities & Social Sciences of the Indian Institute of Technology Dhanbad, as a Visiting Assistant Professor (August 2019 - February 2020) and as an Assistant Professor (February 2020-November 2020).

She pursued her PhD in Psychology in the Department of Humanities & Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. Her PhD work centered on the psychological issues related to racism faced by the northeast Indian people in other parts of the country; a topic she was inspired to work on witnessing the racism experiences of her northeast Indian peers in Delhi during her college education. Her research received the Humanities and Social Sciences Best Thesis award at the July 2020 convocation of IIT Guwahati.

She teaches Psychology and research courses at the UG level, and guides research at both UG and PG level.

Dr.Sharma has experience of pursing both qualitative and quantitative research in the field of Social Psychology. She has worked on issues of emotional autonomy, parenting styles, body image, acculturation, cultural intelligence amongst other concepts. During the course work of her PhD, she has designed and conducted an impactful experimental research on the disclousre of self relevant information on cyber space and social media amongst young adults. 

Presently, she is interested in pursuing research in the field of Positive Psychology and exploring the newly emerging field of Positive Social Psychology. 

Sharma, N., & Hussain, D. (2021). Enduring Racial Milieu: Relevance of Cultural Intelligence in Acculturation of Northeast Indian Migrants. In Lepcha, C. K., & Lal, U. (Eds.). Communities, Institutions and Histories of India’s Northeast (pp. 325-342).  Routledge.


Sharma, N., & Hussain, D. (2020). Dynamics of social identity and cultural intelligence in acculturative adaptation of an ethnic minority group in India. Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy, 20, 1-18.

Sharma, N. & Hussain, D. (2019). Role of Cultural Intelligence in Acculturation: Explorations on a Physiognomic Minority Diaspora in India, Journal of Intercultural Communication Research, 48(3), 274-291.

Sharma, N. & Hussain, D. (2017). Current Status and Future Directions for Cultural Intelligence, Journal of Intercultural Communication Research, 46(1), 96-110. 

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Dr. Sharma engages with the following courses :

PSY01 - Human Behaviour: Biopsychosocial Perspectives 

PSY02 - Understanding Child Development

PSY03 - Social Psychology 

PSY05 - Organizational Behaviour

RM01 - Introduction to Quantitative Research

RM02 - Introduction to Qualitative Research

FC6 - Introduction to Issues of North East India

EXP01 - Experiential Learning

Email: namrata.sharma[at]tiss[dot]edu



Email : namrata.sharma@tiss.edu


Address :

Dr. Namrata Sharma
Assistant Professor
Centre for Undergraduate Studies
Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)
Guwahati - Off Campus
Tetelia Road, Jalukbari
Guwahati, Assam - 781013