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Mr Pranjal Deekshit

Assistant Professor , Mumbai campus

Chairperson - Centre for Water Policy and Governance, School of Habitat Studies

B.A. in English Literature (University of Pune), M.A. in Economics (University of Pune)

Pranjal Deekshit is an Assistant Professor at the Centre for Water Policy, Regulation, and Governance, Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai. His research interests include urban and rural drinking water reforms, private sector participation in state services, with a focus on Public-Private Partnerships in water.

Dr. Deekshit has led and substantially contributed to designing the curriculum for the Master’s Program in Water Policy and Governance in TISS. Currently, he coordinates the Masters Program in Water Policy and Governance in the School of Habitat Studies.

Dr. Deekshit holds approximately 10 years of experience in policy research and advocacy prior to joining TISS. He was part of the "Resources and Livelihoods group of Prayas" - a non-governmental organization based in Pune, India. He has exclusively worked on issues of delivery and management of water and sanitation services and livelihood issues in tribal communities in India.

Dr. Deekshit was also a member of the delegation under the, ‘International Visitor’s Leadership Program’ coordinated by United States’ Department of State – Educational and Cultural Affairs Division, on the theme of ‘Trans-boundary Water Resource Management’ in September 2011

Water Policy and Governance, Right to water and water justice, urban water and IWRM, Public-Private Partnership and Politics of Water

 Journal Articles (Peer Reviewed)

  • Deekshit P., Wagle S. (2019) Public-Private Partnerships and Social Policy Objectives in India: The Case of the Urban Water Sector, Indian Journal of Social Work, 80 (2), 149-170
  • Ozerol, G., Vinke-de-Kruijf, J., Brisbois, M., Casiano Flores, C., Deekshit, P., Girard, C., ... & Schröder, N. J. (2018). Comparative studies on water governance: A systematic review. Ecology and Society, 23(4), 43.
  • Kamath, L., & Deekshit, P. (2014). Planning as practice: Governing Conjunctures and informal urbanization in Solapur Economic and Political Weekly, 49, 72-81 http://www.epw.in/system/files/pdf/2014_49/22/Planning_as_Practice.pdf

Working/Discussion Paper & Project Reports

  • Wagle, S., Deekshit, P., & Pol, T. (2011). Review of reforms in urban water sector. INDIA INFRASTRUCTURE REPORT, 199. http://www.idfc.com/pdf/report/2011/Chp-13-Review-of-Reforms-in- Urban-Water-Sector.pdf
  • Wagle S., Deekshit P., Policy and Governance Perspective and Analytical Framework for Management of Urban Sewage, submitted to Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India by All-IIT consortium working on alternatives to Ganga Action Plan,http://gangapedia.iitk.ac.in/sites/default/files/Second%20Set%20of%20Report/009_PLG_P oiicy%20and_Governance_Perspective.pdf [2012]
  • Tare V., Deekshit P., Narayanan N., Wagle S., Bose P., SWOT Analysis of Ganga Action Plan, e-published on Gangapedia, submitted to Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India by All-IIT consortium working on alternatives to Ganga Action Plan,http://gangapedia.iitk.ac.in/sites/default/files/Second%20Set%20of%20Report/006_GEN_ SWOT%20of%20GAP.pdf  [2012]
  • Wagle S., Deekshit P., Prevention of River Pollution by Urban Sewage: Recommendations from Policy and Governance Perspective based on a model case study, e-published on Gangapedia, submitted to Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India by ALL-IIT consortium working on alternatives to Ganga Action Plan,http://gangapedia.iitk.ac.in/sites/default/files/Second%20Set%20of%20Report/010_PLG_Kanpur%20Sanitation%20Study.pdf  [2012]

Current Projects

Dr. Deekshit is currently involved in a project titled "rising waters" in collaboration with the Department of Environmental Humanities, University of Pennsylvania. This is a multidisciplinary research project situated in the former wetlands of Philadelphia and Mumbai- two cities that have since been formed, extended and differentiated by historic relations with water.

Another project, recently awarded by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India titled "Fast Forward to SDG6: Acceptable and Affordable Water Supply to Secondary Indian Cities" focuses on developing drinking water solutions in the cities using participatory mechanisms. Dr. Deekshit is part of this project in partnership with the Indian Institute(s) of Technology (Bombay and Kharagpur), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Kochi.

Dr. Deekshit is also part of a collaboration between the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, Gujrat Institute of Development and Research, Ahmedabad and Center for Water Policy, Regulation and Governance, TISS for developing research on water distribution and access practices in the downstream of a major dam in India. This research focuses on understanding the uses of the newly released water in command areas of the dam, meanings attached to the water, and the politics of water infrastructure.


Previous Projects

Partner, Equalities and Public-Private Partnerships (EQUIPPPs) – A multi-country, multi-university networking and research project on PPPs across the water, health, education, and housing sectors, involving University College, London; Rhodes University (SA); Birkbeck College, London; and School of Oriental and African Studies, London (2017-18), Jawaharlal Nehru University, and Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

Member of the team collaborated with the ‘Water and Development Group’ at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), the University of London for development of academic and research programs (2013), under a project supported by British Council to School of Habitat Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

Courses in Masters of Water Policy and Governance

  • Delivery and Management of Water and Sanitation Services
  • Water Conflicts and Negotiation
  • Research Design
  • Introduction to Public Policy: Theory and Practice
  • Contemporary Discourses in Water

Courses in Masters of Urban Policy and Governance

  • Urban Water
  • Concentration course on "Urbanization and Water"

Email: pranjal.deekshit[at]tiss[dot]edu

 Room 101, Academic Building 2

Jai Malti and A.D. Navroji Campus

Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Deonar Farm Road, Deonar

Mumbai - 400088

Email: pranjal[dot]deekshit[at]tiss[dot]edu

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