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Dr Rahul Menon

Assistant Professor , Hyderabad campus

School of Livelihoods and Development

Ph.D. Economics

Rahul Menon is an Assistant Professor in the School of Livelihoods and Development. He has completed his MPhil and PhD from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Prior to joining TISS, he taught for two years in St Xavier's College, Mumbai.


Rahul's research interests lie in the economics of labour, specifically the different forms of informalisation of labour contracts occurring in modern economic processes and its effects on worker security and wages. He is also interested in macroeconomics and the economics of growth.

1. "Short-Term Contracts and Their Effects on Wages in Indian Regular Wage Employment", Economic and Labour Relations Review, Vol 30, Issue 1, pp 142-164, March 6 2019

2. “’Mathiness’ and the Production Function: Critiques of Macroeconomics”, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol 52, No 42-43, 28 Oct 2017.

3. ·      “Can Income Transfers Help Explain Brexit?”, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol 51, No 33, 13 Aug 2016

4. ·      “Structures of Discrimination – A Response”: (co-authored with Gayatri Nair), Economic and Political Weekly, Vol 48, No 15, April 13, 2013

5. ·      “Reconceptualising Economics – A Note on Econophysics”: Economic and Political Weekly, Vol 47, No 41, October 13, 2012

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Courses taught:

1. Theories of Development (M.A Development Studies and M.A Rural Development)

2. Data Analysis (M.A Development Studies)

3. Public Economics (M.A Public Policy)

4. Understanding Economy (M.A Women's Studies and M.A Education)

Email: rahul.menon[at]tiss[dot]edu

Email: rahul.menon(at)tiss(dot)edu


Rahul Menon

School of Livelihoods and Development

Tata Institute of Social Science

S.R Sankaran Block, TSIPARD Campus