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Ms Ruchi Sethia

Counsellor , Hyderabad campus

Administration – Counselling Center


M.Sc. in Applied Psychology (Counselling Skills), St. Francis College for Women, Hyderabad,

PGDM in Liberal Arts and Leadership studies(Young India Fellowship)


I view counseling as a means of empowerment; a collaborative process between a client and a therapist with the potential to enhance client's overall well-being. 

I have experience working with teenagers and adults in the areas of relationships, coping with change, academic and work-related stress, family dynamics, goal-setting, and identity-related concerns among others. I strive to understand my clients' experiences from their respective perspectives as I believe every individual can have a different subjective experience in the above with varying concerns, effects, and expectations. 

My approach as a counselor is firmly rooted in a "biopsychocial" framework- acknowledging that biological, mental, and environmental/ social factors are constantly interacting with each other. It's essential to understand this dynamic to address ongoing and/ or deep-rooted concerns as we continue to move towards an enhanced sense of well-being. 

Contact ruchi.sethia[at]tiss[dot]edu