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Dr Ruchi Sinha

Associate Professor , Mumbai campus

Chairperson - Centre for Criminology and Justice, School of Social Work - Mumbai Campus

M.Phil. (JNU)
Ph.D. (JNU)

After graduating in Psychology from University of Delhi, she pursued her M.A. in Social Work TISS. She completed her Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Community Health with a focus on Violence from Jawaharlal Nehru University.Joined the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) as faculty with the erstwhile Department of Criminology and Correctional Administration in 1996.

With about two decades of experience in social work and criminal justice system  her work spans areas of violence, human rights ,policing, crime and development, criminal justice policy, social work in criminal justice system, trafficking, child rights, child protection and juvenile justice. 

Dr. Sinha has been a visiting faculty at Gothenburg University, Sweden (2011).

Invited as a council Member, State Coaching Council, with Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI)

Advisory Board of Smt. Kantaben Shah Research Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies, of Maniben Nanavati Women's College


  • Violence & Conflict:specific focus on structural violence
  • Criminal Justice System, Crime and Crime Policy
  • Policing: Police Social Work, Biased Policing, Community Policing, International Policing
  • Human Rights: Philosophy and Practice of Human Rights
  • Criminal Justice Social Work,Crime Policy in Developing Nations, Crime Desistance, Corrections & Re-entry, Disparities In Criminal Justice Processing
  • Poverty and Development
  • Child protection & Juvenile Justice System
  • Trafficking
  • Social Work: including Political Economy of Social Work, History & Perspectives of Social Work & Ideologies of Social Work


  • Sinha, Ruchi & Juvva Srilata (2020) Social work praxis in policy: Reflections from India, British Journal of Social Work (2020) 00, 1–16, doi: 10.1093/bjsw/bcaa189

  • Sinha, Ruchi & Basu, Pekham. (2020). A slum and a desert: Structural violence perspective on the survival of families experiencing poverty in ed. Prasad, Juvva & Nayyar “ The Contemporary Indian Family, Imprint Routledge India, pp Pages 21, eBook ISBN 9781003057796

  • Boga D., Sinha R. (2019),Representation of Refugees, Migrants and Immigrants in the Global South in Crime and Criminal Law Perspectives on Global Migration (Eds. S. P. Sahni and P. Bhadra), pages 37-51, Har-Anand Publications, Delhi.ISBN 978-93-88409-47-6.

  • Brahmachary S., Sinha R. (2019),Migrants or Immigrants: A Nuanced Perspective from the State of Assam in Crime and Criminal Law Perspectives on Global Migration (Eds. S. P. Sahni and P. Bhadra),pages 101-113, Har-Anand Publications, Delhi.ISBN 978-93-88409-47-6.

  • Paper Coordinator (2017), Social Work UGC e_pg pathshala: Paper : History and Philosophy of Social Work : https://epgp.inflibnet.ac.in/ahl.php?csrno=32

Content Writer/Author (CW) for Modules: 

  1. M-02: Judeo Christianity
  2. M-12: History of Social Work Profession in India
  3. M-20: Taxonomy of Social work -Part 1
  4. M-21: Taxonomy of Social work -Part 2
  5. M-22: Taxonomy of Social work -Part 3 (co author:Kritika Choudhary)
  6. M-24: Taxonomy of Social work -Part 4 (co author: Abhilasha)
  7. M-25: Criminal Justice Social Work
  8. M-26: Taxonomy of Social work -Part 5 (co author: Tanya Gupta)
  • Sinha, Ruchi (2018), 'Criminal Justice Social Work Education and Practice in India',International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences (Special Volume) Criminal Justice Social Work in India. Vol. 14 (1): 22–38. [http://www.sascv.org/ijcjs/pdfs/SinhaVol14Issue1IJCJS.pdf]
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  • Sinha R & Basu P (2015), Children and Cobbles: Paving the future:A study of child labour in cobble stone in Bundi--Bhilwara district of Rajasthan, Supported by- Terres de Homme, India, for Mine Labour Protection Campaign Trust.
  • Sinha, R. (2012), Despair and Hope: Counselling Needs of the Elderly in an Urban Slum Experiencing Demolitions, Samaja Karyada Hejjegalu, Social Work- Footprints, Volume II, Issue 7, June, 27-33.
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  • Gupta, R. & Sinha, R (2007). Confronting the Demand for Sex Trafficking: A Handbook for Law Enforcement’, 2007, Apne Aap Women’s Worldwide, Funded by – UNIFEM, Coalition Against Trafficking, Daywalka Foundation and Supported by Mumbai Police.
  • Contributing Expert for The WJP Rule of Law Index 2010, 2012-13, 2014, 2016

Research In process


Research Completed

  • PRE BID PROCESS ONLY : University Grants Commission sponsored Scheme for Trans-disciplinary Research for India’s Developing Economy (STRIDE)  COMPONENT 3: Prebid Stage: project titled “Archiving Crime History – historical journey of a society through Village Crime Note Books (VCNBs)
  • Prevention of Sale and Sexual Exploitation  of Children: Strenthening Justice Mechanisms in MAHARASHTRA

  • National Research Study on Human Trafficking in India

  • Study of child labour in cobble stone in Bundi--Bhilwara district of Rajasthan, Supported by- Terres de Homme, India

  • Evaluation of Mine Labour Protection Campaign for Misereor

  • Evaluation of C4C program of Magic Bus India

  • Research Study on Multi sectoral Development Plan for Mumbra: Maharashtra State Minorities Commission

  • Scoping Study of the Homeless in M-East Ward, Mumbai TISS Nov. M-Ward Project TISS, Nov. 1, 2011- 2012

  • Handbook for Prison Officers: Towards Reintegration and Inclusive Governance ‘A Handbook on Government Schemes and Programmes for Prison Officers’ Institute of Correctional Administration, Chandigarh, and Research Council, TISS, 2011

  • Census and Survey of Street Children in Mumbai,, Action Aid- India, Sept. 1, 2012-March 31, 2013

  • Teaching: Present and Past
  • Criminology: Trends and Perspectives
  • Criminal Justice- law and Policy
  • Social Action and Advocacy
  • Correctional policies, legislations and Institutions
  • Human Rights and Access to Justice
  • Conflicts, Violence and Collective Violence
  • History and Ideologies of Social Work
  • History and Perspectives of Social Work
  • Perspectives and Legislations related to Children and Youth
  • Programmes and Policies for Children
  • Critical Perspectives on Social Work: Introduction to Social Theories
  • FC : Dialogues on Development

Email: ruchi[at]tiss[dot]edu

 ruchi@tiss (dot) edu