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Dr Sonali Kusum

Assistant Professor , Mumbai campus

School of Law, Rights and Constitutional Governance

Post Graduate Diploma in Social Work,
UGC NET (Law),
Ph.D (Law) NLSIU Bangalore

She has done her graduation in Law with BALLB 5yr integrated course and pursued masters in law as LLM with specialization in human rights law.  She has  qualified UGC NET in Law. She holds Post Graduate Diploma in Social work and in Human Resource Management.

She has submitted Ph.D thesis on “ Constructing a Legal Framework on Surrogacy  in India” at National Law School of India University Bangalore. She has received my Ph.D in Law  degree from the Chief Justice of India, Sharad Arvind Bobde , Supreme Court of India at  National Law School of India University, Bangalore. For her research contribution on Surrogacy law in India ,  She had the opportunity to be  invited by Rajya Sabha Committee on Health & Family Welfare to present her views and her suggestions have been included in the Rajya Sabha Report No. 102, August 2017 on the Surrogacy Bill 2016 , See link https://cpb-us-e1.wpmucdn.com/blogs.cornell.edu/dist/2/7529/files/2017/08/Indian-Parliament-Report-102-1qs7ole.pdf see at pg.no.13/88, P. 4.8 of Pg. no. 18/88 g. No. 13, 18.  She is  one of the members of International Surrogacy forum.

Previously, She had been Research Associate (Legal) at Centre for Child & Law as a part of UNICEF India Project.  She has taken legal literacy sessions for college students  and  She has contributed to the Legal Literacy Module (Book) published by Centre for Women & Law, NLSIU Bangalore.


She has worked with women prisons in Maharashtra and conducted clinical field research studies on issues of bail, legal aid, condition of maternal health, the plight of mother women inmates with their children ( Bachha Barracks of women prison) and compiled reports and submitted to IG Prisons Maharashtra. She has worked with Maharashtra Legal services Authority (MALSA) on similar issue and She delivered legal literacy session for the women inmates. She has published her research paper on the same.

She had been writing regular columns in a law magazine bearing ISSN No. published from AIR Private Ltd. and  She writes guest editorial in news papers and quite a few online portals on medico legal and public health issues and gender related legal and judicial developments. 



Major research interests 

Women & Child law at national , international legal framework

Correctional Justice - Prison Inmates with emphasis on Women Inmates , their children behind bars 

Surrogacy & Reproductive righst & Public helath law 

Huamn Righst Law 

Constitutional Law 

Curriculum & Pedagogy in Law teaching 

Legal research & Writing 



Reserach Supervision 

Faculty Supervision for LLM Dissertation for around 17 LLM students since 2017 -2020 in three acdemci years.



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Participation in International Research Project Workshop-

Reproductive Health Care and Policy Concerns: Regulation of Surrogacy Arrangements in Sri Lanka and Lessons Learned from the United Kingdom, University of Aberdeen, Kings College, Project Legal Regulations of Surrogacy workshop,  https://www.abdn.ac.uk/events/conferences/surrogacy-event-2021/speakers-discussants-1753.php


Teaching –

Program & Course Name - One year LLM Course on Access to Justice at SCLRCG

IstSemester –

LLM Foundation Courses Comparative Public Law  3 Credits , 45 hours ( First Semester)

IInd Semester -

LLM 05 – Curriculum Development & Teaching of Laws – 2 credits, 30 hours  (Second Semester)


Program & Course Name - MA in Globalization & Labour, Industrial jurisprudence, (1 Credit, 15 hours ),Centre for Human Resources Management and Labour


Program & Course Name – Law Institution & Society, Choice Based Credit Course (CBCS) – Semester, 2 Elective Foundation – 2 credits 30 hrs, Co Course teacher 



Email: sonali.kusum[at]tiss[dot]edu


Room no. 610, 6th floor, MS Gore Building , New Campus TISS