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Dr Soumya G. Rajan

Assistant Professor , Mumbai campus

Centre for Human Resources Management and Labour Relations , School of Management and Labour Studies

BA (Calicut University),

MBA (Anna University),

PhD (TISS, Mumbai)

At the heart of my research is a belief in dignified work spaces and an exploration of its influence on humans who associate with them. With over 12 years of experience in Corporate and a Higher Education institution, I bring with me some experience in Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) praxis. The last employer at Corporate was L&T and the education institution I engaged with was IIT Palakkad, previously. 

Organisation Theory and Design, Behavioural economics, Dignity, Sustainability, CSR, Social Impact, Cooperatives

Research: Qualitative Methodology


Selected work:

'Searching answers for dignity, knowledge and engagement in a Worker Cooperative Society' at IMRDC, IIM Bangalore, 2018 later published in IIMB Management Review

'Drawing parallels between knowledge culture and identity: Questions on Decision making and Bounded Rationality' at Max Planck Institute's Winter School on Bounded Rationality, 2018

'Dignity at a worker cooperative society through the lens of capability approach' at International Conference on Coperatives, IIM Kozhikode, 2018

'Positing new elements in organisational analysis: the case of engagement' at CERE, IIM Indore, 2019

'Understanding dignity at the face of changing world of work' at British Academy of Management (BAM), Birmingham, UK 2019

'An emergent framework to analyse perception through the lens of knowledge: Observations from a rural social development interventions on Digital Financial Inclusion' at INDAM, IIM Trichy 2020

'CSR implementation: Models in community engagement' at National Conference on CSR, XIMB, 2012






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HRM2: Sociology of Organizations, Theory and Design

HR07: Organisation Theory and Design

ODCLOC02: Organisation Development and Innovation

Email: soumya.rajan[at]tiss[dot]edu