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Dr Subeno Kithan

Assistant Professor , Guwahati campus

Chairperson - Centre for Sociology and Social Anthropology, School of Social Sciences and Humanities

M.Phil. (University of Hydrabad),
Ph.D. (University of Hyderabad)

She teaches at the Centre for Sociology and Social Anthropology and at the Centre for Undergraduate Studies, TISS Guwahati.

Anthropology of religion

Kinship and society

Culture and communication

Pastoral nomadic communities

Migration studies

Journal article

1. "Those Pleasant green mountains: Memories of migration, place and the environment of pastoral nomadic Gujjars of Jammu and Kashmir" (Oct 2015), in The Eastern Anthropologist, Vol. 68, No.2-3,  pp. 299-312, April-September 2015.

Book chapters

1. "Exploring the 'subjectivity' experiences among the Gujjars of Jammu and Kashmir, India" (April 2016) in Vulli Dhanaraju (Ed), The Idea of Caste, New Delhi: Dominant Publishers, pp.95-111.

2. “Gujjars and Tribal Politics in Jammu and Kashmir” (2021) in Jagannath Ambagudia and Virginius Xaxa (Eds.), Handbook of Tribal Politics in India, New Delhi: Sage, pp. 294-209.


‘Seasonal Migrants and Adaptation: A Study of Muslim Handicraft Merchants in Guwahati, Assam’ from 17/8/2020-30/05/2021, funded by Research Council, TISS (Minor project).

This study is exploratory and investigates the everyday reality and belongingness of migrants and their adaptation. The research gives a renewed perspective on the expectations of Kashmiris, their desire to go beyond their border, understand and experience other cultures, in this case, through their business activities.

BA/MA courses (taught)

1. Sociological and Anthropological Concepts (BASS)

2. Human Rights: Perspectives and Significance (BASS)

3. Diversities in Families and Communities (B.Voc)

4. Introduction to issues in the Northeast (MA Foundation course)


BA courses

1. Basic concepts in Sociology

2. Indian society


MA courses

1. Understanding Society, Culture and Identiry: Basic Concepts (Foundation course)

2. Marriage, Family and Kinship

3. Religion and Society





Email: subeno.kithan[at]tiss[dot]edu